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Andrew Kercher writes:
Wonderful job! I really like your work. Excellent photography and neat design work. And, of course, superb website design.

Belisa Morillo from Columbia University writes:
I have been taking photos as an amateur for quite a while and now I am taking the photojournalism course here at the Graduate school of Journalism at Columbia University, New York. Whatever that means -- I am still a beginner.
I am up late trying to finish a presentation preparation. In between work and break I jumped to the web pages. For some reason, your work just appealed to me and just wanted to let you know that they are very inspiring -- specially the ones taken in France. the pictures taken in Paris are to me exactly what they say about good pictures: "one picture is worth a 1,000 words" The facination that you have on that city is woderfully shown and you let others admire it as well. In May I will be rounding up here and head to the real world, this time for real. If you don't mind I will probably ask for some advice.
Thanks, Belisa

Stephen R. Brown from Washington D.C. writes:
Your page, in particular your little slide show on the opening page, is extraordinary. It's nice to see someone who's doing both design and photography.

Jim Dobbins of HaL Computer Systems, San Jose, Ca. writes:
Yours is one of the best examples of a great web page that I've seen. Great stuff.

Tony Sleep (Pro freelance - London, UK) writes:
Oh damn! I am in the final stages of setting up my own web site, and only fired up Netscape to have a look at my own pages before upload, then remembered I hadn't checked you out. I had thought I was doing quite well until I got here.
Seriously, very nice site design with some clever ideas I haven't seen before - the sidebar, and that slideshow is great. And the pics in the news, features and animal sections, which most reflect my own interests, are strong and good. Congratulations to you, and back to the HTML primer for me.

David Stamper of the Vertex Awards writes:
Your website skills combined with your incredible photos are something quite rare on the web. Keep up the good work.

Peter Collins from Austrailia writes:
Congratulations on your home page. It must have taken a lot of work to put together. It would be nice if the Net from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia was able to access your page (and others!) in much quicker time, but what I saw was praiseworthy from a journo point of view.

Royce Bair, Director of The Stock Solution writes:
I had a tough time picking my favorite image from this site. He's not only a great photo-journalist, but a good Web designer.

Clive Hornsby from England writes:
Nothing seen in the U.K. like it, as an ex staffer from a newspaper group, and a freelance for six years, it warms my soul!!!!!
Shame about the Nikon gear! :-)More power to ya!

Marcel Paquet from Ottawa, Canada writes:
Like most people that go throught your web pages, I'm impressed with the quality of your home pages design, I mean very, very impressed. I also liked your pictures of Paris too.

Adam Kraynak writes:
Great Job! I have been on the web for a long time, and I have to say that your page is among the best! Also, did you design the graphics on Terminal "X"? Pretty cool! By the way, how did you create that nifty slideshow effect? I have my own X-Files homepage, but it doesn't look like much in the graphics department. Maybe I will spruce it up a little! Once again, awesome page!

ikuyo seto from Japan writes:
It's very impressive. l saw's site,then your photos. I wonder how you can feel the moment at taking a one shot? Sorry for my poor English!

Robin Edmond from Bournemouth, Dorset, UK writes:
Hi there - *love* your images. Especially those night shots of Paris. Reminds me very much of when I went through the city at night in a bus on the way to Brive in south-west France. Tell me, how did you get to travel through these wonderful places? Are you thinking of going back ever again?

Andrew Pfullmann from the University of Texas writes:
I am really impressed with your web page. I am from Houston and have seen your shots in the paper and I have seen the UH basketball media guide you desinged. You've done quit a few cool assignments....You're lucky you got to ride in the blimp before it left houston to take the photo of the skyline. Keep up the good work.

John Bartosh from Pheonix writes:
I liked all your photos, but the one that really impressed me was the Houston skyline from the blimp. Beautiful!

Victoria Kreider from Kalispell, Montana writes:
I am very impressed with both your home page and the one you designed for RSEALE. Do you design home pages for other photographers or know of someone I could contact to help me set up one? Bravo on your wonderful work!

Chad A. DeShazo writes:
Particularly liked the Heron in the oil spill. His eye is striking. Second favorite was the set-up of the bear for the mag. cover, but I also thought your sports stuff was good.

Andy Uzick of Houston writes:
Just checked out your page. A most impressive effort! You are right -- the button bar on the right really makes the difference. A rare combination of quality HTML design and quality content.

John C. Sinues of Hampton Roads Virginia writes:
I'd like to compliment you on your slide show home page. I thought it was a great idea. I was really impressed. I have been looking for a way to display my photos on the Web, and that "animation push" idea is definately a neat way to do it. Keep up the good work, David.

John Makely from San Jose, CA writes:
Nice page. I like the way you've incorporated the graphics and photos...Oh yeah, what's with them ugly-ass sun glasses in your photo?

Damon Kiesow writes:
Very nice looking pages. The front page took a bit of time to load (I am running at 14.4) but it was worth it.

Bob Graves from Chicago writes:
Congrats on the Web page....The pages look great. It's giving me the incentive to get going on mine.

Chuck Lie writes:
Thankyou for putting cats on the net. I usually have cat on the keyboard. I have always been afraid that while I am working she will hit the wrong combination of keys and end up with me in some form of ram-jam or other problems. My first dissapointment online was that at the white house they had Socks meow in a mac format. Thankyou again for putting your cats on line.
Chuck Lie and Salley;G. what a wonderful cat.

Dorothy Perrucci writes:
Enjoyed viewing your work....Also have a cat who owns me, named Sambuca.

Arthur Hermiz of Houston writes:
I enjoyed your pictures, I am a Student here at U of H, I am currently taking Richard Carson's Photojournalism class, but I am a business major. I also work at The Houstonian, I am the managing Editor and a Photographer there. I saw that you use some of the same programs that we do( Photoshop, Quark, freehand, etc...). What is it that you do now that the Post has gone down, I am just curious because I thought your pictures were great.

Peter Fitzpatrick from Temple University writes:
Hey your work is fantastic and compelling.

Tim Quigley from West Palm Beach writes:
Yo David... Liked all your've obviously sweated the details and it shows..I'm just coming on line with my own homepage this month and I've enjoyed your approach. I'm a photog from West Palm Beach. Would like to link to your page with your permission when I'm up. By the way...the kitty pictures where a kick and made me remember some shots stuffed away on my cats Coco and Saki and I'm going to stick them in the page. Good hunting and I'll visit from time to time.