Chip Turner

David Scarbrough

POWER SERVE --- Chip Turner swats one over the net during a practice session in The Woodlands, Texas. Turner is the 4th ranked professional wheelchair tennis player in the world.

ATTACK THE NET--Chip Turner attacks the net to get a quicker return during a practice match with his coach at The Woodlands, Texas. The wheelchair player is allowed two bounces to get a racquet on the ball. The first bounce must be in the regulation playing area, the second bounce can be in or out. This is the only rule change for able-bodied tennis to wheelchair tennis.

SO CLOSE --- Chip Turner winces after missing a shot he felt he could make at a practice session in The Woodlands, Texas. The strategies in wheelchair tennis are virtually identical to able-bodied tennis.

GOING FOR THE BURN --- Chip Turner works on his upper body for strength and endurance in the workout room at his apartment complex in Houston. Weight training is important not only for increasing racquet speed, but essential for propelling the wheelchair around the tennis court.

GET SERIOUS--Chip Turner scoffs at a price a customer offers for a "Nolan Ryan" autographed baseball at his office in his Houston apartment. Sports memorabilia dealing is hoe Turner makes his living.

NO BARRIERS HERE --- Even escalators are accessible if you have a strong grip. Turner doesn't let anything keep him from doing what he wants to do. In order to maintain his world ranking, Turner must travel all over the globe to play in major tournaments. "You can't let a few steps get in the way or you'll never get anywhere," he says.

KILLING TIME --- Chip Turner relaxes while watching ice skaters at the Galleria shopping mall in Houston. Turner enjoys the big shopping mall for its complete selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.