These are a few of the hard news stories I covered for the Associated Press and the Houston Post.

A young AIDS victim faces a hard life.

Surgery preformed at the Houston Med Center.

During the 1992 Republican Convention, an anti-abortion protester prays at a mock grave.

In July of 1991, a man shot and killed a Pasadena, Texas police officer and then took this woman hostage for more than a day. After he shot himself, the woman ran from the house into the arms of a SWAT team member. The Houston Chronicle ran this picture as the main Page 1 photo.

In October of 1994, the rain kept falling and falling, driving people from their homes. Many people had to be rescued as shown in this picture that ran as the main photo on the front page of the Oct. 18 Houston Post.

This photo of a grandmother comforting her grandson also ran on the front page.

This scared mother had little to offer the equally frightened children.

This photo of a young girl being rescued by firemen did not run in the paper but I liked anyway.

During the 1990 Economic Summit in Houston the KKK marches to supporters and detractors alike.

A gay couple enjoys Sunday service at a church that caters to the gay community in Houston.

In 1991, the Megaborg split in half in the Houston Ship Channel, this exhausted heron dove into the oil slick but managed to perch itself near a pier. I heard it was saved.

Further upshore, a property owner lifts debris from the oil slick that invaded the water behind his home. He caught fish from this point a week earlier.