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Fine Toon

Fine Toon Cartoon Art Gallery is a full service Animation Art Gallery in Houston, Texas. This award-winning site features more than 400 images. It also has some cool in-line videos and an On-Line shopping cart. tiw TIW is a major oilwell service company in Houston. This site features a nice world locator map that gives information on TIW's world-wide offices.


UES Controls is a climate control company that specializes in automated building temperature control. This site features some nice animated graphics.


Culinary Liaisons is an "In-home" gourmet dining service in Houston, Texas. Peruse the tempting menu samples and learn about the chefs and their craft.


Robert Seale Photography, Robert is a staff photographer for The Sporting News. See a representation of his vast body of work

The Talking Doc
dr. shirley gruen

The Talking Doc Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Shirley Gruen's site that outlines her services and gives information and journal articles about current trends in mental health. Neat JAVA effect on the opening page.

Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger is an up and coming country-contemporary band. Their www site features streaming Real Audio clips from the smashing debut CD "You Have The Right To Remain Silent", photos, Fan Club info, and schedule dates. Watch for in-line videos and the release of their new CD due out in May, 1997

Cats in Paris

Cats Around The World This is an entertaining travel piece from the point of view of a pair of well traveled cats. This site is a hit in the rec.pets.cats news group! We even get email from web savvy felines. Access Relocation Access Relocation is a complete apartment guide for people and companies moving to Houston. See featured complexes and learn about Houston, Texas